disney musicFor beginning musicians of any age it’s extremely important to be able to find pieces to work on that are both appropriate for your skill level and fun to play.

When you’re just starting out, this task is often difficult, as many beginning piano course books focus on simple melodies that aren’t formed around real pieces of music, or, if they are, are not very exciting pieces of music.

We think differently. We think that everything about learning music should be fun. This philosophy comes from John’s experience of quitting three instruments and almost a fourth as he moved from one disciplined instructor to the next. It wasn’t until he found a love of music by playing songs he enjoyed that he started to want to practice all those other things (scales, chords, etc)!

So, what’s the best place to start? Disney!

Why Disney Piano Music?

So why are we writing about Disney music, specifically? Well, disney songs are fun, catchy, and almost universally loved. If the student is a child then it’s a natural connection between the movies they love and the instrument they’re learning to love, and for older students disney songs have a way of bringing them back to their childhood, and if you have kids they’ll definitely love to hear you playing their favorite songs!

Not only that, but most disney songs are relatively easy to play, and come with lots of simplified arrangements that allow you to adapt the song to a wide range of skill levels, from beginning students playing their first song, up to advanced arrangements that would sound good in a concert hall.

What Songs Should I Start With?

As for what song to start with, that’s completely up to you, but I’d focus on a few popular favorites.

Frozen’s Let It Go has a lot of good arrangements, and is easily the most popular Disney song today. There are easy versions, but if you’re an intermediate student, you should be able to handle the actual version used in the film, which is always a good goal to strive for!

Another classic is Can You Feel the Love Tonight. It’s slow, making it approachable for most students, and is universally recognized and enjoyed!


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