jack black school of rockWhen you’re just starting out with guitar, getting through some fo the basic hurdles can be quite challenging.

There are a lot of different aspects of the instrument you need to learn, and many techniques you’ll need to be proficient in before you’ll be able to play much of anything.

In this post we’ll look at a few tricks to help you get over that initial hurdle.


Learn Chords First

The first tip is to work on practicing a few basic chords first. E major, G major, C major, D major, and A minor will go a long way in terms of allowing you to play a lot of different songs, but before you try to put them all together and play a tune, work on getting the fingerings right for each chord by itself.Once you can comfortably play each chord and get the sound you want, then you can practice them together in a tune.

Forget Strumming…For Now

Another tip is related to something that routinely frustrated beginning guitarists: strumming.Learning how to strum correctly is a fine art, and one you will practice and master over a period of years, not weeks.If you’re just starting out, forget about best strumming practices. Just work on playing the chord, or maybe strumming evenly on the beat: 1-2-3-4, etc, in order to keep rhythm, or other simple strumming pattern, like the one in the video below.Don’t try to do anything to fancy. It will come with time, I promise.

Get an Online Guitar Course or a Private Teacher

Finally, it’s important that, no matter how much innate talent you might think you have, or how determined you are to teach yourself to play without any help, having a qualified teacher or course to help you will cut your learning time down significantly.If cost is an issue, opt for one of the popular online courses, like Guitar Tricks. These courses are low cost, and you can work along with a set of video lessons at your own pace, making it a great avenue for getting started.Learn more about online guitar lessons from BeginnersGuitarStudio.com.

Be Patient

Last but certainly not least, remember that learning guitar, or any instrument for that matter, is a lifelong process.You’re not going to become an expert player in a week or a month, and its important to pace yourself and have fun, so that you’ll have the patience and motivation you need to breakthrough those difficult early days and move on to sounding better and playing fun and interesting songs that you love.